Using Preparture to better prepare or plan your daily trips

“Preparture is a free scheduling app that helps users plan their itinerary around town, out of town, out of the country, and even before that final departure.”

How Preparture Works?

PreParture works to help you save time in your daily trips whether around city or traveling on a schedule. Plan your next visit using our awesome features.

Smart Planning Everyday

Plan multiple trips within the city and schedule the day with no room for error. For every long distance trip, PreParture takes into account traffic and processing times that customers go through before they board their plane or train/bus. For customers traveling by flight, PreParture factors in an additional 2 hours into the trip time.

Fly, Walk, Drive, Ride, Anywhere

Works to plan business and personal trips. PreParture uses the phone GPS position of a customers phone to get each location as accurate as possible. If a customers location is less accurate, it can be due to external factors such as interference and location of the device. Customers can manually type in their current location to improve accuracy.

Calendar View with Detailed Schedule

Use PreParture to create your weekly schedule while taking into account time for travel. Plan out your day, week, or month. PreParture also enables you to share your schedule or calendar with friends and family. Great for planning group trips and outings.



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Really no need to brag, but check out what our awesome users think about our app!

Great when traveling with limited time. A+ when traveling abroad.

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James K.


LA, NY back to SF. All planned using Preparture. Great for staying on track.

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Aron H.


Helps me get around when traveling and great for scheduling day to day. Definitely worth telling a friend.

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Sam L.



Have questions about using Preparture? Feel free to browse our collection of questions of others who were once in your place.

01. Why does the bus/train estimated time differ from Google Traffic?

Preparture does its best to give you the most up to date traffic time and calculation. Preparture will provide you the quickest time it takes to a business and the quickest time it takes to leave. Since Preparture is dealing with traffic timing and estimates, there is an accuracy of +- 5 mins of traffic time.

02. Can I get notification/alerts?

Yes, simply save your details screen by choosing the “Save” button. Choose what route you want to be alerted on (Bus/train or Car), and preparture will notify you 15mins ahead of when you should leave for the next stop or location.

03. Can Preparture work off-line?

Currently Preparture does not work off-line. Preparture uses live traffic information to provide accurate trip and departure time.

04. Can I see visitors/customers ratings of the business location?

Preparture shows you the ratings of the business and how many users have rated the business.

Full FAQ available on app under settings.

Download Preparture today

Use Preparture to better prepare and plan your daily trips. Download for free today! Available for Android and iOS devices.

Skip estimating how long you have to be at that party! Skip searching for different logistic routes to that exciting location. Skip not knowing if you have enough time to catch that amazing store sale!!

Just enter some basic information and PreParture does the rest.
It shows you:
– Nearby places to go and things to do.
– How to get there.
– How much time you have to spend at those places.

-…be a default/standard solution to the Travel, Tourism, and Lifestyle.

-Use technology to enhance tourism, travel and lifestyle of businesses and users alike.

PreParture Team is built on a divers and solution driven team of individuals who possess special core skills and strengths. Each member of the team brings and drives key areas of PreParture Inc. Together we create a great product and deliver a killer service to our customers.

During every stage of development, we maintain a Secure Code Development LifeCycle. With this, we are able to make sure our product is safe and secure including customer data.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product, as such we are always on a constantly learning methodology. This helps us deliver a sound product and produce awesome team members.

We take customer complaints, reviews and comments very seriously. This helps us understand what our customers and users want and thus, we are able to deliver an awesome product.

Our team is VERY diverse, from all various cultures and back ground. This has helped in adding a certain flavor to PreParture Inc. and looking at ideas/development from different perspectives.

PreParture is a Technology Company in the Lifestyle Industry. We are revamping how customers maximize their time and travel experience. Launched in 2016, PreParture is a scheduling app that helps individual users and businesses to create custom itinerary based off of their personal interests or activities.

– Give praise to God through Jesus Christ for all the good things He has done by showing the Greatness of his works as we provide this solution. – Always.